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Welcome back! So far you have written two lists with sentences. One list is about your best version and another one is related to your dream goals. Then, you have gone through each sentence and checked if you were able to feel the happiness of having achieved them (even though they have not been materialized in your life yet). Now you know what you want to be and what you want to achieve to be better and live a happier life. If you have any doubt or question about your sentences or related, you can contact me by leaving a comment on the blog or by sending me an email through the “contact us” form.

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At this point, you are clear about what you want to become and to do with your wonderful life. The next step is to change your mindset. You need to change those limiting or disempowering beliefs, which have been keeping you from moving forward, into empowering ones. As I have explained in my book (Create your ideal life. Open the door to your dreams), there are different ways to change those limiting beliefs into empowering ones. I am going to explain one of them in this post, but you should read my book to learn about methods which can provide you faster results.

ACTION STEP 2.B: You are going to take your two lists and rewrite each one of your goals as affirmative statements (in first person), specific (to the goal you want to achieve) and in present tense. In this regard, you should start each statement with the pronoun “I” and use verbs such as “to be,” “to have,” “to do,” avoid using the verb “want.” For example, if you would like to be healthy, you could make a sentence like: “I eat healthy food and I enjoy it,” “I have a healthy life with a balanced diet,” or “I live a healthy life.” The sentence needs to resonate with you. See you in the next post, which is “Let’s Move on: Step 3.

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