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If you are following your true path, I would like to congratulate you. However, if you are inside what I have called “the wheel of negative emotions” in my book, you are trapped in a life of unhappiness.

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Even though the meaning of unhappiness can be different from one person to another, let me give you an example of what unhappiness could look like. You wake up tired and get ready to spend another day on a job which does not really give you any satisfaction except for the paycheck. Then, after a day of work, you go home. You may be looking to spend some time with your family; however, it can also happen that you are using your job as an excuse to reach home late and spend as little time as possible with them. Whatever the case, you finally reach home, eat dinner, watch some TV and go to sleep, so you can be ready for the next day. As per myself, it looked similar to that. Long story short, when I was living in Canada I was doing a job and living in a place that was not in alignment with my conscious wishes and desires, so I finished sabotaging myself.

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You may ask yourself, how can I break free from this wheel of unhappiness without finishing sabotaging
The first and easiest thing to do it is to appreciate the little things which make you happy TODAY. It is important to be grateful for all those things that you may take for granted because “happiness attracts happiness”. Then, you need to clarify your life objectives and the type of person you want to become (YOUR BEST VERSION). When you start following your true path, you will wake up with a smile on your face, ready to enjoy the day. You are a wonderful person. Enjoy today’s happiness!

ACTION STEP 1: Sit down in a comfy and nice place. Then, write a list about the things that you love to do and another one with the characteristics (or traits) of your version. You can do it!

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