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It is important to differentiate between real and fake happiness. We could say that “fake happiness” is the type of happiness which is not sustainable over time. It usually only lasts for a short or medium period of time. Some people try to fill their emptiness and insecurity with material things or living beings. For example, they may keep buying things for themselves or others.

Picture by Mudassar Iqbal

Being good to others is wonderful, but some people do that as an excuse (even if they do not realize about it) to avoid looking inward. They focus their attention on the necessities of others and try to fix their lives while they forget to check what are the things which are not working in their own life. If you have flown before, you would know that the flight attendant always instructs you that in case of emergency, you need to put on the oxygen mask first before helping others. You cannot help anyone if you run out of oxygen yourself!

Remember the importance of finding your own true happiness, and if helping others is the true path to your own happiness, then that is great. People can feel your vibrational frequency. When you are happy, you vibrate to a higher level. As per the Law of Attraction, you will attract into your life people and experiences which resonate with your vibration. If you are happy, you will attract positive things to your life. The happier you are, the more people and living beings you will be able to help even if you do not realize about it. Be happy and share your happiness!

Picture by Alexa
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