Mind body and spirit


Our lives are not predetermined. We have the freedom to choose the path we want to walk; however, some people may get lost trying to find their own way. The society (as a living entity) can make people feel that they do not have time to think, that they need to walk faster and follow the default road. Even though some people are genuinely happy following somebody else path, others are just doing it because they do not know what they want to do in their lives. They get overwhelmed and finish doing the same things than everybody else with the resulting feeling of voidness and unhappiness. They feel stuck. They keep living an unhappy life while waiting for the moment things will change and they will be able to do the things the dream of. However, time keeps passing and nothing changes. Then, they reach their retirement age and are ready to do all those wonderful things they have been thinking of. Unfortunately, they may not be able to enjoy their freedom because all that unhappiness and inner conflicts have been materialized as sickness and poverty. Nevertheless, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Picture by Raúl T.D. y Claudia H.C.

Everyday you can open the door to a new beginning. You have a new chance to start living the life of your dreams. As you already know, you have the power to materialize the bad, but also the good. You just need to figure out what your happiness looks like and change your mindset. You are an extraordinary person, just have faith in yourself!

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