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This is my first post on the blog and our first online meeting (e-meeting). It is a pleasure to have you here, so I would like to welcome you. Welcome to your new home!

Image from Pixabay by R.E. Beck

You are unique, you are a fundamental part of the change that has already started in this beautiful world. You were born to be happy and illuminate those who are still in the dark, those who are lost and walk on a foggy path. However, the first step to help others is for you to be happy with yourself because when that happens your happiness will spread to those around you. Like the waves which are created after you throw a stone into the water, your happiness cannot be contained, it reaches far and wide!

Image from Pixabay by Rony Michaud

Helping others is a wonderful thing to do; however, you should not do it as an excuse to avoid looking inside yourself. It is usually easier to realize what is wrong with somebody else than with oneself, so sometimes people tend to focus on others and ignore looking inward. In short, help others but do not forget to help yourself because you will be able to help others even more when you are at a higher vibrational state. If truth be told, writing my book helped me to understand myself better so I believe that reading it will also help you. I am the type of person who likes to get to the point, so when I was writing it I tried to keep it like that. I also like to be transparent and I appreciate when others do the same thing.

You should think twice before leaving negative words coming out of your month, instead share your positive thoughts. I believe it is a good practice to share the good things that we see even though it may take more effort than telling what is wrong with this thing or that person. For example, if you see somebody doing something good or wearing something nice, why not taking a step forward and tell the person: “Hey, you are doing a wonderful job!” or “This clothing looks really nice on you, where did you buy it?” Keep yourself in a positive state and share your positive thoughts and feelings with others. If you would like to write an article for the blog, just send me an email through the “contact us” form on the website. Let us connect!

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