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Welcome back! This is going to be our second e-meeting. How have you been? If you have followed my previous advice, which I call it the “I dare to” challenge, you must feel better than before. Nevertheless, it is also true that some people are not used to receive compliments so they may look at you with a weird expression, but you should be proud of yourself and feel happy when you sincerely share those positive comments.

If you have started to read my book (Create your ideal life. Open the door to your dreams), I would like to advise you to give a first light read and then go back and focus on the chapters you are more interested in. I have written the book in a way that I will untangle the different threads one step at a time. The disempowering or limiting programs which are engraved on your subconscious mind are doing a really good job of keeping you away from your ideal life, but it is time to say goodbye to them!

Image from Pixabay by Gerd Altmann

One of my goals is to help you materialize your positive wishes and desires by increasing your self-awareness and reprogramming your subconscious mind. The website is a complement to the book, so if you are not keeping up with the blog and videos, you should do it to get the big picture. Also, you can share your comments on the website or through the different social networks. You are the best!

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